Sector Markets

Motorsports/Performance Racing
Diesel Pull Truck, Tractor, Top Fuel Car

With strong ties to the performance industry as our origin of lineage. Optitorque has devoted immense resources designing and manufacturing a superior quality product.   Diesel truck, tractor pulling, top fuel drag racing, circle track are just a brief synopsis of motorsports encompassed in our portfolio of high strength, high cycle fatigue solutions. Our investment in machinery for specialty, quick change over and short run quantities covers a vast majority of fasteners required to fulfill the needs of performance enthusiasts’.

Wind, Oil, Gas, Hydro

Our world class products are built with the intent that they will be subjective to the harshest of environments’ regardless of the application, from the rigorous fatigue stresses endured oil drilling to the dynamic vibrations exerted from bladed wind turbines.

Car, Rail, Semi Truck, Tractor, Dozer

Each team member understands the complexities and intricate processes surrounding the selection of a proper fastening solution. Let our reputation for reliability and quality reduce the burden of sourcing consistent product at a competitive price.

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We understand that emergencies and unexpected situations can arise. Our expedited manufacturing program is designed to bridge the gap for customers with time-sensitive deadlines. Customers reap the benefit of “print to product” in lead times unparalleled amongst our industry competitors. Through lean structuring to improve efficiency, our organization and modern facility layout allow us to generate High-quality solutions in as short as 24 hours.