Our humble origin dates back into to the mid 90’s with the passion of our core founders quest for a better solution to the limitations experienced with existing products inadequate strength, poor cycle fatigue, and suppliers lack of innovation in providing any form of resolution. The tenacity, passion and resilience to the status quo of the core founders contributed to the unparalleled commitment to furthered development in ultra high strength tight tolerance extended fatigue fasteners.

Mission Statement

To design, manufacture, implement solutions and vital products pertaining to critical fastening systems. Our passion for innovation attention to detail commitment to quality coupled with our team of dedicated personnel allow Opti torque to operate on the forefront of emerging technologies while providing solutions in critical areas where technological advancements have already pushed components to their highest level.

About Us

Our senior product engineer, manufacturing production manager and quality manager have decades of combined product experience, each possessing diverse industry backgrounds and expertise allowing our team the ability to collectively navigate the most challenging requirements. Our comprehension of the colloquialism “time is money” prompted us to better serve our customers needs through streamlining our facility to be a Single Stop Product Sourcing Provider. One point of contact, one po #, one price resulting in faster lead times superior quality control and increased customer satisfaction.

Product Material List

Alloys 4130, 4140, 4330, 8620, 8640, 8740, 625, 718, a286, waspalloy, 13-8mo, aermet, L-605, mp35n,mp159, hytuf, hays 360, d6ac, s-53, hastelloy, monel, 15-5ph, 17-4ph, 410 stainless, custom 455-465 rene 41, a286, titanium and aluminium alloys

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We understand that emergencies and unexpected situations can arise. Our expedited manufacturing program is designed to bridge the gap for customers with time-sensitive deadlines. Customers reap the benefit of “print to product” in lead times unparalleled amongst our industry competitors. Through lean structuring to improve efficiency, our organization and modern facility layout allow us to generate High-quality solutions in as short as 24 hours.

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