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OptiTorque Commissions Build of 4,000 + HP Engine for Fastener Testing

Power output levels of performance engines are rising at an insurmountable rate. OptiTorque’s commitment to fulfilling our customer requirements in those areas has led to the construction of a high power test engine platform.

Based on the mid-frame Cummins diesel 6.7-liter displacement engine. The engine features extensive modifications to withstand the twin parallel 2 stage compound turbocharged induction system consisting of 6 turbochargers. The factory engine block was outfitted with a high strength steel crankcase, main cap, and fire deck support plate. Utilization of both aluminum and iron cylinder heads encompasses the building portfolio for fastener testing.

The test criteria and data collected are one illustration of OptiTorque’s continued development programs solidifying our presence as an industry leader in critical high strength fastening systems.

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