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Design Engineering

Continuously driven in the pursuit of excellence from prototype design to implementation of the lean process production.


On high stress or fatigue loaded joints utilizing the latest software technology.

Rapid Prototyping

Our excellence in deliverables through a range of services ensures each customer’s requirements are met with individuality, tailoring strategies through iterative development to exceed expectations.


Our ebullient team relentlessly pursues financially savvy methods of production through idealistic processes encompassing; Machining- forging-forming-grinding and additive manufacturing to provide timely deliverables.


Our team devotes immense resources in the pursuit of innovative emerging coating and plating technological advancements to enhance the lifecycle properties of critical fastening systems.

Heat Treat

Thermal processing services adhering to methodologies of the metal treating institute. Our in house laboratory maintains full control of our customer needs in providing verification of a vast array of metallurgical and mechanical properties following thermal treatments such as hardening, tempering, solution, and age.


Manufacturing adheres to a strict product quality control manual conforming or exceeding ISO 9000, AMS, ASTM, mil standards for the requirements of each component. Our employees in all aspects of duties are accountable and hold personal regard in striving to provide a paramount level of quality to our customers. We look forward to providing products of the highest possible quality, exceptional reliability while retaining unsurpassed levels of customer service and integrity. Our standard minimum inspection part sample chart:

Production QuantityLot Sample Size in %
40k and up1%

Lab Analysis

We employ several non-destructive testing techniques (ndt) in addition to tension, fatigue, torsional, Proof load, Dimensional, and impact testing. Our metallurgical lab capabilities include Sectioning, sample mounting preparation. Macro and microhardness, grain size, material analysis identification, and failure analysis.


OEM’s continuously seek sources for providers of increased strength fasteners while removing mass and manufacturing costs to boost efficiencies and conserve our world’s resources. Optitorque’s U.L.U.S. (ultra-light ultra-strong) provides the lightest strongest fasteners manufactured with practices collectively conserving resources. Optitorque continuously embraces relationships with a university to assimilate emerging technological industry advancements to further solidify our presence within the industry.