Fastener Washers

Used in conjunction with threaded fasteners, our fastener washers are manufactured with precision so they match perfectly with the bolt or screw with which they are paired.

While fastner washers may look simple with their flattened, disc-shaped common design, the integrity of the washer can make the difference between a successfully bolted joint and a joint that suffers premature failure.

Our washers are made from the highest quality alloys with material certifications that ensure consistent reliable performance. Whether we are providing the matching fastener bolt or engineering a fastener washer for an existing part, you can rely on our team and our facility to deliver what you want with the kind of quality you demand.

Regardless of your fastener washer needs…load distribution, spacing, vibration absorption, or additional protection, we can deliver both OEM and specialized custom fastener washer solutions.

If you can draw it, dream it, or describe it, we can make it.

As an OEM and custom fastener washer manufacturer, we can custom-engineer fastener nuts that match your strict application and usage specifications. Need help finding the right fastener washer for your application? We’re here to help, call (315) 924-3888.

The OptiTorque Advantage

Fastener Precision

Our fasteners are straightened prior to centerless grinding to maintain concentricity and roundness.

Strength & Durability

Our ultra-high strength, high fatigue fasteners can have up to 8x more stretch area than OEM applications.

High Grade Materials

We utilize only domestic melted steel from specific production lots to ensure that the cleanest and most uniform grain structures are used in production.

Bake Out / Load Testing

Fasteners produced for certain critical applications go through additional test procedures.

Modern Facility Layout

We can accommodate expedited requests, low/high volume runs, and adjust to varying timelines.

Constant Quality Control

Quality is measured throughout each process, both non-destructive and destructive mechanical tests are performed on each production batch.